224 PCS Magnetic Whiteboard Edition

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  • LEARN LETTERS NUMBERS AND LITERACY – Little Shakespeares-in-training learn to cross their T’s and dot their I’s with Pythagoras Magnets! This 224-piece play set includes colorful letter learning magnets and a dry-erase board and marker, teaching kids phonics, letter names, writing skills, and more!
  • PLAY YOUR CARDS RIGHT – Jump-start reading right with the ABC letters cards! Images, letters, and words on the cards show them context. Put their memory and listening skills to the test with fun and informative flashcards that also encourage their knowledge of beginning sounds!
  • THE FINEST OF MOTOR SKILLS – Watch your kids go from fumbling to confidently creating full words with the learning magnets play set! As children play, they develop dexterity and strength in their hands and fingers, forming the building blocks of writing and drawing.
  • HAPPY EMOTION PROMOTION – Little kids have big emotions. Teach emotional literacy alongside letters with emoji magnets! The 6 glow-in-the-dark magnets feature positive emojis, so you can teach them depictions of happiness, joy, excitement, playfulness, like, and love!
  • THE GIFT OF LEARNING – For kids, the best learning takes place in a fun space. So give the gift of delightfully diverting lessons with the magnetic board and colorful alphabet magnets! It comes in a gift box, so all you need is a bow!
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What you teach your children today sets them up for tomorrow. Today, they recognize “C” for “cat” and “V” for “violin.” But before you know it, they’re dissecting Hemingway in high school and learning biology. Not long after, they’re writing speeches for graduation, presenting doctoral dissertations, or crafting best-selling novels. Today they learn uppercase and lowercase letters, and tomorrow they use those letters to change the world. Don’t wait to build that essential groundwork with Art with smile’ alphabet toy!


With 214 pieces, children can learn more than letters and sounds! You can explore the world of science with your kids. Why do some things glow in the dark? How to magnets work? Teach history by spelling out important names and places. Help kids learn math by having them count the number of letters in a word. With Art with smile, your only limit is your imagination!


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