About us

Our story began 10 years ago when we noticed that our children were totally addicted to screens. As parents, we knew this was not the ideal situation and became concerned about them spending more and more time on their devices and how this may affect their health and well being. We wanted them to lead a more active family life with the opportunity to create, shape, and cultivate their mind and body.

We knew these were the elements that would bring true happiness to their lives. Who among us would not want only the best for their children?

For this reason, we realized how important it was for us to develop products that would provide our children with a few good hours of enjoyment as well as stimulating their imagination and creativity while providing quality family time in which everyone would participate in together.

With a lot of effort and investment, we’re proud to say that we succeeded in creating some wonderful kids’ educational products.

Our children began to create, build, and contribute something new to their world while enjoying sharing in more active family life.
Our work has been really rewarding and worthwhile!

Another major problem that was bothering us and in fact, bothers practically every household with kids, is the messy playroom with toys, arts and crafts, and games all over the place. The cupboard is usually very untidy and often it is difficult to find certain games and art supplies. In order for the cupboard to remain neat and tidy we, the parents are forced to straighten up the room and the cupboard to make sure that each game is put back in its place in an orderly and accessible manner. After a long working day, who has the energy?

Hence, we also took it upon ourselves to create a solution to this problem. Likewise, this too was a huge success for us!

We have created an entire range of products that come with organic containers to hold all the pieces of the toy in an orderly and practical manner.
Additionally, these containers are conveniently transportable anywhere, anytime.
Now parents can relax while their kids enjoy easily accessible toys.

Parents no longer have to struggle with messy, disorganized playrooms and the kids now have a much more convenient and useful way to store all their stuff, encouraging them to keep their room neat and tidy with the help of our organic bags.

We decided to bring our new message to the world and we’ve produced a collection of products, which will give you and your children hours of pleasure, joy, and active quality family time together. Over the years many parents have thanked and praised us for the wonderful range of products we’ve developed which provide their kids with:

* A fun family life
* Improved skills

* Stimulation of their imagination, creativity

* And social interaction with other kids

We are so grateful and truly proud of our accomplishments and we invite you to join us and enjoy the wonderful products we’ve created.

because you and your kids deserve so much more