Surprise Gift Box for Women with Bobo Balloon & Letters for Happy Birthday, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary. Premium Present with Mock Flowers


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    • The Complete DIY Balloons & Flowers Kit – You get a large 18” pre-stretched latex balloon with stick & cup and 2 spare balloons, hand pump, 2-level round black gift box, beautiful white roses (artificial), gold ribbon and bow, glitter, multiple sets of letters & numeral stickers, heart stickers, confetti, 2-sided stickers and floral foam plus assembly instructions.
    • How to Use the Cool Stuff in the Box – Place the floral foam on the top of the box. Place the large clear latex transparent bubble balloon on the stick into the foam and then create a beautiful design around the balloon with the roses. In the bottom drawer, place any gift such as chocolates, a special message, or whatever is appropriate for the occasion for him or her.
    • Customize Your Message – Nothing says “I love You” “Happy Birthday” “Happy Valentine’s Day ” “Happy Mother’s Day” “Will You Marry Me?” and so much more. This balloon bouquet is the perfect gift idea for mom, grandma, daughter, niece, teen, baby shower or friends. You can personalize the crystal-clear bobo balloon in any way you choose with the high-quality stickers provided and the sparkling glitter which goes inside the balloon.
    • A Unique Gift for Her to Remember – The personalized bobo balloon with flowers in a box is the perfect gift for women and girls for an anniversary, birthday or bridal shower. This is a birthday gift for ladies from the heart and the sturdy, reusable box will be a constant reminder to her
    • Balloon Blooming brings you a high-quality product which you will enjoy creating and giving. We do our best to bring you the perfect kit always and we include 2 spare balloons. In the event of any issues feel free to contact us and we will work it out with you. Buy Yours Today and make her happy!
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This is the ultimate DIY gift.

In the set you receive everything you need to really make a statement on any happy occasion.

There’s no guesswork. The comprehensive instructions make sure you get it right every time.

Let the creative juices flow and decorate your balloon in a one-of-a-kind design made especially by you.

NOTE: Do not inflate the balloon to more than 14 inches and shorten the stick to 8 inches for the perfect balance.


When you give a gift in this beautiful presentation box with all the accessories we provide, you’ll enhance the giving experience by many-fold. The memory will be engraved on the minds of the giver and the receiver forever.

This is one gift she’ll never forget!



This is the perfect way to present a gift or a special message on:

* Birthdays

* Anniversaries

* Engagement

* Baby Shower

* Xmas

and so much more.

  • A large 18” pre-stretched latex balloon We’ve got you covered with 2 spare balloons, just in case!
  • Stick (+2 spare) ● Cup (+2 spare)
  • Hand pump ● 2-level round black gift box
  • 18 Beautiful white artificial roses ● Double-sided tape
  • Gold ribbon ● Gold ribbon butterfly
  • Glitter ● Confetti ● Floral foam where the flowers can stand
  • 3 sets of letters ● 2 sets of numbers ● Heart stickers
  • Easy-to-print assembly instructions for you on the box

Additional information

Weight 2.05 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 9.8 × 1.6 in